Training SOKKS MPTS - Products Special Odour SOKKS®-MPTS - for Detection Dog Training to support K9, canine police, military and working dogs.

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Use & Storage of SOKKS®-MPTS Products

Contents of delivery

Training SOKKS MPTS - Products Special Odour SOKKS®-MPTS - for Detection Dog Training to support K9, canine police, military and working dogs.

Each SOKKS® MPTS is filled with micrograms of the substance (or groups of substances) and comes exclusively in opaque sterilized glass containers. There is one empty container for used SOKKS® (SOKKS® Used) and one empty container for SOKKS® that are no longer in a usable state (SOKKS® Waste).
Products delivered in a cardboard box, optional transport case.

A SOKKS® Original glass container
Includes white tubes (SOKKS® Tubes) containing odorous substances.
SOKKS® tubes are flexible, anti-static, won't break up (protects dogs' teeth) and are filled with highly purified substances. 

A SOKKS® Used empty glass container
The SOKKS® Used tube is stored in this container for later use. This is for  SOKKS® Original tubes that have been used once, as the tube is inevitably contaminated by environmental odors during use. 
This SOKKS® Used material is particularly useful for continuous training, as animals being trained this way can filter out essential substances from the inevitable background odors. 
For this reason, SOKKS® Used training materials should only be used after successful initial training with SOKKS® Original uncontaminated material. 

A SOKKS® Waste empty glass container
This is used to store a container of odorous substances that is  
too contaminated with impurities for use in training (for example, after oral ingestion). The SOKKS® Waste material must be subject to a specific disposal procedure. Otherwise, it could disrupt a regular search operation by triggering unwanted detection. You can send containers back to us by post— we'll take care of disposal. 

In case of orders of 200 tubes units, the delivery includes additional three small empty glass containers (125 ml) + labels (SOKKS® Original, SOKKS® Used, SOKKS® Waste) for easy handling of small quantities of SOKKS®. 

Storage Requirements

SOKKS-MPTS: for drug and explosive Detection Dog Training to support K9, canine police, military and working dogs.

In order to ensure successful ongoing training, it is essential to avoid any form of
contamination of the training materials, especially odor contamination. Please strictly follow these simple tips for use: 

Store SOKKS® materials in a cool place (no lower 0°C) away from light in the opaque glass containers supplied for this purpose. Stored in these conditions, the materials will keep almost indefinitely, for a minimum of 3 years. Due to the extremely low substance concentration,  the storage of SOKKS® (in contrast to the usual training materials, in particular explosives, fire accelerants, drugs, human remains, etc.) does not require special safety measures. 

Only open the containers when necessary, such as to remove and insert the SOKKS® material. At the end of the 3-year period, remove the SOKKS® materials and store them in the Waste container.

Dispose of them properly or return them. We take care of disposal free of charge in accordance with ecological requirements.

Using SOKKS®

SOKKS K9 : Scent and detection for Working dog, police, army (explosive, drugs, ivoiry...)

Even though training with SOKKS® materials is no different from conventional training methods, please follow these instructions for optimum training outcomes: 

=> Don't smoke when handling SOKKS® materials

=> Heat containers slightly (above room temperature) before opening to prevent condensation due to impurities

=> Open containers for the minimum amount of time when removing the SOKKS® tubes.

Open in the most odor-neutral environment possible

=> Avoid contact with foreign substances and always use clean (metal) pliers  or similar and disposable gloves (no powder or other protective substance or contents) when handling 

=> If possible, sterilize pliers before use (heat, sterilizer, etc.). Do not clean with solvents such as alcohol, etc. (due to odor)

=> Start training in an odor-neutral and dry environment
In particular, avoid locations contaminated with substances used in conventional training or real materials. Unlike conventional materials, SOKKS® causes minimal contamination of the location of use due to the form and special consistency of the tube and the extremely low quantity of odor substances 

=> Start training using 2 to 4 SOKKS® tubes. Following success at this stage, you can reduce the number of tubes to a single tube per session

=> When placing SOKKS® tubes in the ground, under leaves, or similar, use a specific container like a perforated metal box

=> When you have moved on from initial training, avoid using a bringsel or equivalent  due to possible contamination 

=> If using a bringsel (detection tube) to reward the dog for finding the substance  (dog searches and finds the SOKKS® tubes hidden in a bringsel) then make sure to continue the training without a bringsel 

=> Allow the animal to quickly find the SOKKS® tubes at the start and reward them immediately if they are successful (e.g. clicker method or immediately after successful completion of the task), give them their toy (ball, Kong, bringsel, etc.) and make sure to always give vocal praise as well

=> When selecting the location for the exercise, remember that SOKKS® materials give off  extremely low quantities of odor (which ensures particularly good results for selectivity and sensitivity). Don't choose a location that’s too hidden 

=> Only start the detection exercise following an application time of approx. 3 to 15 minutes

=> The SOKKS® material does not present a danger to health or the environment. However,  oral ingestion of the SOKKS® tube should be avoided, as should ingestion of any material not intended for consumption 

=> Following successful initial training using only SOKKS® Original materials, you can continue training with SOKKS® Used materials in increasingly difficult conditions and  bigger search areas 

=> Once the dog has successfully located the SOKKS® material several times, training should be continued in stages, alternating with the detection of real substances in difficult conditions. Only real materials will be used in the final certification exam

=> Don't use any PSEUDO training materials during SOKKS® training

=> Reward your dog as much as possible on completion of each training phase

Questions or comments about the SOKKS® MPTS training process  are always welcome. 
Please inform us if you have any issues with SOKKS®. We will do  our best to help solve the problem. 

SOKKS® MPTS tubes contain all odors (all drugs, explosives, etc.) and  can be used several times for a trained dog. 

SOKKS® MPTS contains real particles, no odor imitations or PSEUDOs 

The manufacture and testing of SOKKS® MPTS materials are based on the results  of work carried out under the direction of Prof. Dr. Wolf A. Kafka in international research institutions.